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Sherry I, Texas

I have been using DE36 for the past several years and not being a fan of chemical product, I have been very pleased with the results I've had. Coming from a drier climate I wasn't used to having to worm my horses as often as I did when I moved to a more humid climate where the ground stayed damp longer. Suddenly I didn't have a large turnout area either and that can cause problems too. Once I found out about the DE36, I've had no parasite problems and feel much better using a natural product for daily use. With the way DE36 works I don't have to worry about chemical immunity and it has help with flies as well. I use DE36 for my dogs and when tested they have always had negative fecal and the vet always comments on their slick, shiny coats and bright eyes. I would definitely recommend DE36 for anyone who wants to use a safe product for their animals at an affordable price. I know it's safe, as I used it myself on several occasions with absolutely no problems before using it on my house pets.


Just a few friends

Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the de36 product. I have four horses that are 16hh to 17.3hh, weighing 1200 lbs. to 1800lbs. I started using de36 six months ago and just finished my first order, so I decided to do complete fecal tests on all four horses. I got the results back on Jan. 2, 2007 and they were all completely negative. No worms or parasites. I did not use any other product to complement the de36, ONLY de36. I am very happy and have placed another order. Thanks very much for providing a good, safe and natural product. Stephanie, Florida

Once my 21-year-old Arab began to colic after worming her with traditional chemical wormers, I decided to look to a more natural approach. After a year of giving all three of my horses DE36 wormer, it is obvious that even though my horses are at completely different age groups, they are all in beautiful health. This shows in their attitudes, coats, and of course in the way they look. They are all in very good weight as well. This was not the case with the arab before DE36. I truly feel this has enhanced their lives. Christine, Oregon

I have been using diatomaceous earth for almost 4 months in my cattery. I give each cat 1/8 teaspoon of DE36 daily mixed in wet food. I am excited about the results that I have seen in my animals. I raise show quality Orientals Shorthairs and Siamese. The point colors (ears, nose, tail and legs) on my Siamese are phenomenal! I know this dark rich color is the direct result of your product because I have two identical Siamese that are sisters. The one that stays at my house initially did not receive DE36, but her sister in the cattery did. The cattery cat is the one that developed outstanding color on her points. All my cats in the cattery now have extremely healthy glossy coats. Jenny, Ranchcats Cattery, Texas

I have just placed my second order with you and cannot believe how this product works. I have been giving [diatomaceous earth] to my dogs for years (not your product). To be able to get diatomaceous earth for my horses is a godsend. I used one 180 day supply for three horses and when it ran out I waited two months and then had their poop tested and their were still NO WORMS! Unbelievable!! Thank you so much for something that is not poison for us holistic owners. Cynthia C, Washington

"We have been using DE36 at our Arabian horse breeding facility for the last 8 years. We are very happy to report that, after testing all of our horses, no ova or parasites have been detected in any samples. "In addition to the excellent prevention of worms, we also had a remarkable difference this summer in the number of flying insects in our barn. Our horses were able to go without any fly repellent (the first time this has happened in the history of our barn). They eyes became clear, coats shiny & we didn't have to worry about using any harsh or unnatural chemicals that are so often found in fly control or dewormer products. "Our yearling filly, Berlesque, took home many halter ribbons this last year, including Reserve Jr. Champion Filly. What made these victories so astonishing to others was the fact that Berlesque had never been dewormed in her life! As a matter of fact, she is one of the healthiest & largest yearlings we've ever had. We are certain that DE36 contributed a large part to her success. Thank you for such a wonderful product. We will continue to use it in our feeding program far as long as we continue to have horses." Cooper Arabians, Texas

"I'm a believer...! I met & talked with you this past year at the Equine Affair in Columbus, Ohio. At that time you were expounding on the attributes of [your product]. At the end of our conversation, you mentioned that someone you knew was using this same product as a wormer for their horses, and if I were to try it as such, I was to let you know. I have always kept my horses on a regular worming program, maybe not as strict as I should, but they have always been wormed. When I got home from the Equine Affair, I had my horses checked for worms. My vet said they all had worms. So I began feeding a tablespoon of [DE36] to each horse in their feed once daily. Now here it is four months later & I have had my vet recheck for worms. The report came back "negative" in all four horses. Needless to say, I will continue to feed my horses [DE36]. Why? Because it is all natural & does not contain any harsh chemicals, it's so much cheaper than commercial wormers, & because it works!" C. Lofton, Ohio

We are very interested [in your product] after seeing first hand what it has done for my Appaloosa. She has Cushing's Disease & was not responding to the conventional costly route. I am a Hands-on-Healer for Horses & have always honored her path. Since she has been on DE36 she is alert, no more droopy eye & her body carriage has improved tremendously as well as her overall energy. K. Nowak, Connecticut

We live in Las Vegas, our daughter works for MGM while earning her college degree. During convention time a nasty 2-week flu bug went around. Of course, she gave it to me. I used a teaspoon a day & it cleaned me up (if you know what I mean) in 3 days. DE36 Company Owner


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