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Diatomaceous Earth

DE36 is an easy-to-use granular form, rather than the air-borne, dusty white powder type. DE36 contains 36 trace minerals more than any other feed-grade DE in the North American continent. Use 40 to 80% less product, than ordinary diatomaceous earth due to DE36’s origins, type & make-up. We are talking tablespoon(s), rather than ounces. There is a lot of ordinary DE in the market place, our unique material contains a blend of Montmorillonite, a known binder of mycotoxins & protozoan. Research indicates mycotoxins are toxic chemicals produced by molds which are very poisonous to animals & humans prevalent in corn, hay, pastures, fescue & stored silage's often manifesting as scours, diarrhea & sometimes death.

Benefits of DE36

Diatomaceous Earth mode of action is strictly mechanical. Internal use will result in improvement in health, appearance, & behavior, as well as assimilation of feed, with improved weight gain & lowered feed costs.
Chemical mathematics currently prescribed by veterinarians have a number of drawbacks such as; cost, animal toxicity, milk & meat contamination, & parasitic chemical resistance. Waiting until an animal shows signs of parasitic infection, farmers using chemical treatments cannot avert the stress, weight loss & lethargy that result. Shortly after the initial chemical dosage, parasites begin immediate re-infestation. Finally acknowledging this phenomenon, chemical companies now prescribe rotating their wormers or feeding chemical wormers daily. Do you really want chemicals cruising through your animal's bloodstream at every possible moment? While one scoop of all natural DE36 added in the feed or loose minerals provides the advantages of safety, convenience & prevention at a reasonable cost.diatoms








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